Therapists at The Center for Psychology & Wellness strive to promote client psychological well-being not only through direct services but through coordinating with practitioners or other professionals involved in the client's issues, such as physicians, school personnel, and attorneys when warranted and agreed-upon with the client.

Psycho-educational workshops to address shared client issues that are conducive to a group/classroom format are available.

About Us

Mauro, Reynolds, & Associates in Counseling, Inc. is a group of seven independent practitioners from the fields of clinical psychology, clinical social work, and addictions treatment.

For the sake of those who have allergies or asthmatic conditions, we ask that fragrances not be worn in our offices.

Each of the therapists has over 15 years of experience in the delivery of clinical services and are trained in research-based therapies geared to meet a wide variety of client needs.

In addition, each of the therapists has developed specialized areas of expertise in order to be able to respond to more complex difficulties.

The Process

Let your work with us

                       become a bridge

                                     to your greater well-being.

Partnering with couples, families, children, and individual adults of all ages, we have provided that bridge to identifying and overcoming obstacles to one's overall sense of well-being.  Within the broader community of South Florida, we have been pleased to be a therapeutic resource to other medical providers and members of the legal educational, and clerical communities.

Our clinicians are experienced practitioners who offer wide diversity of clinical skills and emphasis. Among our five Licensed Psychologists and two Licensed Clinical Social Workers, there is an abundance of specialized training and experience in adult, child, and adolescent treatment, including addressing the developmental issues unique to senior adults, psychological assessment, hypnotherapy, addictions, forensic evaluation, couples and family work, treatment of anxiety and mood disorder, coping with medical conditions, and addressing the emotional needs of LGBT men and women in our community. The decision to seek counseling or other psychological intervention is an important decision, one that is rarely taken lightly.  It's about willingness and openness to learn, to trust and to grow.

Depression, anxiety, and family conflict do not have to be a permanent part of one's emotional landscape.  Even more enduring life challenges like chronic medical conditions, addictions, and struggles to adjust to major life changes and losses can become transformed from controling one's life into more manageable challenges when one acquires the right tools from working with a well trained clinician. 

Research-based treatment models such as cognitive and behavioral therapy, systems therapy for couples and families, developmental therapy, and training models for assertiveness, anger and stress management, parenting training, coping skills and communications workshops are significant tools in efforts to build the kinds of bridges that permit our patients and clients the kinds of enriched opportunities that can lead to a more meaningful and even joyful life.